Eating Sustainably

shsms · February 3, 2021

I decided to stop eating meat, eggs and dairy a few weeks back, after I finished listening to the third season of DW’s spectacular environment podcast: On The Green Fence.

I think it makes sense. Humans evolved under tough conditions, when peanut butter and TVP weren’t around yet, and we wouldn’t have survived or evolved as much had it not been for meat and dairy. But things have changed. We no longer need to breed, torture and then kill animals, for our survival. We can give the animals back their dignity and let them live full lives. We just have cravings, they will go away.

We actually need to stop eating animals, and we better act now if we want to have any chance of slowing down climate change.

I’m only speaking for myself and I’m no expert, but my experience with quitting meat has been very similar to when I quit smoking. The biggest problem has been with coming to terms with the fact that this means I will never taste mutton biryani, or even worse, mor kuzhambu ever again. I was a vegetarian for major parts of my life. It is likely to be much harder for someone who grew up eating meat. But the good news is that it is possible to give it up. We can get over it. We will still remember what meat tastes like, but the craving will go away.

The past couple of weeks have been relatively easy for me, because my only trigger at the moment is the food delivery app, which I haven’t used it for a while now, I’m cooking all my meals myself. I expect it to get much harder once the lockdowns end and the restaurants are open again. But I have plenty of time to train myself to deal with it.

I’ve been eating a lot of rice, bread, pulses and legumes, and a variety of vegetables and greens, not very different from earlier, just minus the meat and dairy. I’ve been taking supplements since the beginning of the lockdown, but now I’ve switched to vegan omega-3, etc.

So that’s the current situation. I will write a follow up post in a few months.